Guided Fantasy

Tool 31 – Download here

Aim of the tool
Allow people to explore new types of thinking and link with the unconscious.

When to use it?
At the divergence stage.


Materials and setting

  • Arrange the room into a comfortable setting. Preferably people should be in a comfortable position.
  • You can use quiet music at the start of the exercise before introducing the topic, and at the end to get the participant’s attention back to the plenary.

How to facilitate a guided fantasy

  • First reflect on the preparation of what type of setting you will provide. Make a link to the critical issue of your MSP.
  • Ask participants to close their eyes and make an imaginary journey. Relate to the issue by introducing a “new landscape/country/world” and ask them to dream about what happens, who they encounter, what are their feelings. For example suggest that they imagine that they are on an island, beach, forest and ask them what do they feel, smell, and hear.
  • Allow at least 5 minutes of silence during which people make their fantasy journey.
  • Bring their consciousness slowly back to the room.
  • When the group is small (<10) you can collect the stories from the group. In big groups: have the participants form groups of two to share their dreams and pick a few examples to share with the whole group afterwards.


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