7 principles of effective MSPs

At the core of our approach to MSP’s, is a set of principles which we argue need to be considered in order to make MSPs capable of effecting transformative change.

Transformative change implies change which shifts paradigms, worldviews and theories of change rather than simply finding new ways of doing things within existing, often problematic paradigms.

These principles emerge from our experience of what such change requires. Specifically, they suggest that making MSP’s into transformative change processes requires an outlook which is systemic, learning-orientated, aware of the dynamics around institutions, power and conflict, and takes new approaches to communication and leadership within change processes.

We see these as ‘principles’ in that they address issues that are common across all multi-stakeholder partnerships but specific to each individual MSP in how they manifest. They are therefore considerations which need to be considered when approaching any MSP in whatever way is appropriate to that situation and context, but following some core underlying logic.

Below, you can read about each of these principles in detail, drawn from the MSP Guide. You will also find supporting literature and links to relevant resources and tools within the portal.