This website supports food system stakeholders to design and facilite effective multi-stakeholder partnerships. The website is based around the contents of the MSP Guide and the MSP Tool Guide.

The website is maintained by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI). As part of Wageningen University and Research, WCDI focuses on the global challenges of secure and healthy food, sustainable markets, adaptive agriculture, ecosystem governance, and conflict and reconstruction. We link cutting edge processes of innovation and learning with WUR’s worldleading scientific and technical expertise. We work with farmers and NGOs, businesses and entrepreneurs, and governments and international organisations in many different countries to support and facilitate processes of innovation and change.

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Authors of the MSP Guide

Herman Brouwer (MA) is a multi-stakeholder engagement specialist working at WCDI, WUR. He advises, trains and coaches professionals across sectoral boundaries on how to contribute to sustainable development through collaboration. As an accredited PBA partnership broker, Herman is supporting local and global MSPs, mainly in food security and natural resource management.

Jim Woodhill (PhD) is the former Director of WCDI at WUR and former Principal Sector Specialist for Food Security and Rural Development at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is an independent consultant on food systems, inclusive
agribusiness and MSPs. Jim’s understanding of applying systems thinking and participatory learning to complex issues is gained from his experience as a process facilitator working in sustainable development across the boundaries of business, government, civil society and science.

Dr. Minu Hemmati is a psychologist working independently in practice, advocacy, training and research of designing, facilitating and coaching multi-stakeholder processes for sustainability and gender justice. Minu has experience with MSPs at all levels; international policy-making on sustainable development and related issues; local and national level implementation and evaluation. http://www.minuhemmati.net

Karèn Verhoosel (MA) works at WCDI, WUR as an advisor on facilitation of multi stakeholder processes, institutional change, monitoring and evaluation and capacity development. She has experience as process facilitator working in fields of integrated seed sector development (ISSD), agribusiness and food and nutrition security.

Simone van Vugt (MSc) is a socio economist working at WCDI, WUR facilitating multi-stakeholder processes in value chain programmes and integrated food security and sector development programmes. Simone conducts action research and training on MSPs, and has experience with the development of Planning Monitoring & Evaluation systems within MSPs.